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Date: 29th November 2016
Cheap Stp Thin Vacuum Insulation Panels
cheap stp thin vacuum insulation panelsSTP ultra-thin vacuum insulation board, also known as STP vacuum insulation board, the English name Vacuum Insulation Panel, is ultra-fine centrifugal glass fiber as the core material, add gas adsorption material, vacuum packaging by a special package to support a thermal insulation board; According to the theory of heat conduction, the high-vacuum barrier film is used to encapsulate the insulation core board in a vacuum state, so as to effectively avoid the heat transfer caused by the air convection, and achieve the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation.Vacuum insulation board (VIP board) is the abbreviation of English VacuumInsulationPanel, is a kind of vacuum insulation material, which is made of composite core material and vacuum protection surface layer, which effectively avoid heat transfer caused by air convection, so the thermal conductivity can be Greatly reduced, less than 0.003w / mk, and does not contain any ODS material, with environmental protection and energy efficient features, is the world's most advanced high-performance insulation materials.