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Date: 21st October 2016
Best Price Special Soundproof Stone Partition Rock Heat Resistant Wool Board
Special Soundproof Stone Partition rock wool boardExternal wall rock wool board is also called external wall insulation rock wool board,Website:, rock wool board is a variety of natural raw materials, through the natural rock after high temperature melting, and then high-speed centrifugal equipment made of artificial inorganic fibers, while adding a special Adhesives and dust-proof oil, and then generated by the heat curing we use the wall rock wool board!Outer wall rock wool board has high compression and tensile strength, low water absorption and hygroscopicity, good dimensional stability, does not produce thermal expansion or contraction, anti-aging, sound absorption and other characteristics, compatible with the external wall system , For the building exterior insulation system to provide effective thermal insulation, fire protection, sound-absorbing and other protection.