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Changle Tongsheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the town of Changle County,Website:, Changle County, which is the home of Chinese musical instruments. It is 30km away from Weifang and enjoys convenient traffic and location. Specializing in the production and operation of new insulation materials. Main production wall insulation materials, rock wool insulation materials, pipe insulation materials, the main products include Caigang sandwich Yanmian board, external walls Yanmian board, external wall insulation board, by Yanmian board, rock wool, fire isolation With series of insulation materials, high-quality, the full range. ????Rockwool is a natural environment-friendly fire, insulation-type insulation material. It uses natural rock, blast furnace slag as the main raw material, plus a certain amount of auxiliary materials, high temperature melt blown made of man-made fibers, and then its production of rock wool products. We specialize in the production of high quality rock wool products, not only for a variety of building facades, curtain wall insulation, all kinds of commercial, industrial plant and public housing insulation and insulation of various types of architectural interior insulation and also has insulation and radio Noise reduction role, but also as a variety of building fire wall materials. ????We produce rock wool board is A-class fireproof material, from the fire rating, waterproof performance and thermal insulation effect direction can meet the "building exterior insulation with rock wool products" standard requirements. Production of various rock wool board sold throughout the country, by the majority of customers trust and praise! ????We advocate "energy-saving action - low-carbon new life" as the slogan, the pursuit of natural harmony of life philosophy, adhere to the "quality brand, cast Tong Sheng image" for the purpose of service. ????Is willing to cooperate sincerely with all my colleagues, create brilliant!
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